Report: Mark Sanchez has a 20-30 percent chance to stay with the Jets

sanchez211Rich Cimini of says there’s a 20-20 percent chance Mark Sanchez remains with the Jets for the 2014 season.

The Jets met with Mark Sanchez’s reps to discuss the quarterback’s future. Nothing was settled, but Sanchez will be rehabbing in New Jersey this week, giving the Jets a chance to monitor his surgically-repaired throwing shoulder. One source said the chances of Sanchez returning are about 20 to 30 percent. Obviously, he’d have to accept a large pay cut. Look for this to play out until March 25, when a $2 million roster bonus is due — or until they find his replacement.

The Jets need to let Sanchez move on and start over somewhere else.  He needs that. His confidence is shot.



  1. pain says

    Give Sanchez the players to work with, WR,TE,RB and he will turn a lot of heads. When he had weapons the Jets were getting there. The GM knows that, so does the coach, let’s see how smart they are. You give a pro a fair shot to make it work, Geno would need the same players or you have another busted season. Bringing in another QB at mucho $$$$$ and no supporting players will give you nothing.

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