Report: Lovie Smith’s job is safe in Chicago

Despite an epic collapse this season, Chicago Bears head coach Lovie Smith is expected to be back in 2013, according to Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports.

The Bears still have a shot at making the playoffs if they can beat the Lions on Sunday and have  the Vikings lose to the Packers.

I believe a big part of the Bears’ second half struggles have been due to injuries to quarterback Jay Cutler and running back Matt Forte.  Not to mention the Bears must give their offensive line a makeover in the offseason.


  • Anonymous

    Absolutely agree! Lovie Smith “bears” no responsibility for the performance of the Chicago Bears!

  • Anonymous

    You must have never watched a game in your life. He is constantly outcoached in every game. The only reason the bears are where they are is because of the play of the players. They win in spite of Lovie not because of him.

  • rodhog

    —————– Been a Bears fan about 50 years.Last game,under 2 mins to go on the 2 yard line he trys a FG.The cards block it run it back & gets a TD. Any other team would of gone for the Td if we didn’t make it the Cards would be on the 2 yard line with under 2 min. to go. The Bears NEED ALL NEW COACHS, AND A LINE THAT CAN BLOCK.

  • Martin K Johnson

    RodDog you are totally wrong. The Bears need a new offensive line that can block and a good WR in the slot who can catch. The Rookie needs another year. Getting rid of Lovie will not fix the problem.,

  • Bears40fan

    MKJ ~ Getting rid of Lovie can’t possibly hurt. Right now anybody would have to be an improvement. I think the fact that you can’t tell if the Bears are winning or losing by looking at his face should tell you something. He generally just looks bored to be there.