Report: Ken Wisenhunt likely gone after Sunday

According to Don Banks of, it looks like Arizona Cardinals head coach Ken Wisenhunt will be fired after six seasons in the desert.  General manager Rod Graves may also get fired or given a demotion instead.

The Cardinals’ collapse after a 4-0 start this season is expected to lead to head coach Ken Whisenhunt and the team parting ways after six seasons, and general manager Rod Graves looks vulnerable as well. Graves, a longtime club executive, could lose personnel power and be reassigned back on the salary cap/financial side of the front office, but his position remaining status quo appears a long shot.

The Cardinals could target Andy Reid.

The Cardinals could choose to pursue Reid as their next head coach, and Reid probably has Arizona on the list of clubs he’s most interested in. After all, he would be reunited with quarterback Kevin Kolb, the former Eagle who was dealt to Arizona in 2011, and there is talent on the defensive side of the Cardinals’ roster.

But again, Reid’s salary level might deter Arizona. Plus, the Cardinals have gone that route before, hiring big-name former playoff-qualifying head coaches a couple times in the relatively recent past, without great results (see Buddy Ryan and Dennis Green).

With all the offensive line and quarterback problems the Cardinals have had, I don’t agree with firing Wisenhunt.   I don’t think he’ll have a problem getting another head coaching job in the NFL.