Report: Josh Freeman was late for numerous meetings during his time in Minnesota

According to Tom Peliserro of USA TODAY Sports, Vikings quarterback Josh Freeman was late multiple times over the course of his time in Minnesota.

Four people with knowledge of the situation told USA TODAY Sports that Freeman was late for numerous meetings in his roughly three months with the Vikings. A third player said Freeman often was among the last players to the facility.

Freeman’s agent says otherwise.

One of Freeman’s agents, Erik Burkhardt, said “anything about meetings or missing anything is false,” and the only issue was Freeman played too soon.

Head coach Leslie Frazier had no choice but to leave Freeman on the bench after falling flat on his face during his only start as a Viking.

Either way, Frazier couldn’t go back once Freeman was healthy, particularly because the consensus in the locker room was Cassel should have kept the job after he led the Vikings to their first win over the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sept. 29, three weeks before Freeman’s debut.

  • captaindandan2013

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