Report: Josh Cribbs will be out until training camp

The Oakland Raiders signed kick returner/ wide receiver Josh Cribbs to a one year deal this offseason. Though he visited with many teams prior to the Raiders, he remained unsigned over a concern he would not be ready to play due to a knee injury. Looks like those teams were right because according to Vic Tafur, Cribbs is going to be out until at least training camp.

The Raiders lost receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey in free agency so signing Cribbs, regardless of his knee injury, was a good move. Also considering the fact that the Raiders’ hands were figuratively tied behind their back due to having a small cap space to work with makes the move smart without having the benefit of hindsight.

The team must have a lot of confidence that Cribbs can return to form if they claim they knew about this prior to the signing. Then again, the Raiders haven’t been known for their smart moves over the past decade. Maybe this is just one of those moves.