Report: Jonathan Martin won’t return unless things drastically change

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network,  Miami Dolphins offensive lineman Jonathan Martin doesn’t plan on returning to the team unless things drastically change.

We reported earlier that Miami’s offensive line has been harassing Martin and Richie Incognito has been the “ringleader” even though he’s been denying all accusations.


  • Big J

    I hope Martin comes forward and tells exactly what’s been happening. It’s not wimpy or weak to report harassment and torment. I think it was brave of him not to beat Incognito’s head with a baseball bat. The wimps are the coaches that have allowed this in the name of “team building” and “rite of passage”. Doing this sh*t anywhere else gets you fired, but in the NFL it’s just part of the “locker room”.

  • fig333

    Get all the facts out on this so we can all learn something that makes us all better

  • Anonymous

    Martin,youre not joining a gang! be strong,demand professionalism and use the law. the vets are wrong! if throwing ice water on you after practice or making you buy the coffee for the table,ok that’s seniority and jokeful. EXTORTION FOR CASH IS NOT THE NFL,ITS NOT FRIENDSHIP.