Report: Johnny Manziel turning pro, expected to with sign Houston-based sports agency

johnny manziel 2

According to Inside the League via Darren Heitner of Forbes,  Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel is expected to sign with a Houston-based sports agency.

This clearly means Manziel is turning pro.  He wouldn’t be able to sign with an agent otherwise.

Manziel expected to make a decision between their final regular season game and Texas A&M’s bowl game. He also recently stated that he felt like he was ready.



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    Hey Johnny GOOD FOR YOU!! I wish you much success & I love watching you play.
    When you get settled, just as RG III needed his fullback to fake the handoff to or read the defensive end and keep the ball himself, etc. I”ve got a great candidate for you to consider: TIM TEBOW— let him play what Aaron Hernandez played at Florida Gators AND N.E. Patriots: Tight end. “U” back, slot receiver, Think about it. He’s not going to take your place but the TWO of you would be unstoppable.

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