Report: Johnny Manziel not crazy about playing in Jacksonville, family doesn’t want him in Houston

johnny manzielAccording to Don Banks of,  Johnny Manziel’s family is hoping the Houston Texans don’t draft him because they would rather that he get out of Texas and separate himself with his “Johnny Football” persona.

From what I’ve been told, Manziel’s family is not rooting for Houston to be his NFL home, believing that staying in Texas will make his already challenging transition to professional football that much more challenging.

Their thinking is that Manziel will find it far easier to distance himself from his “Johnny Football” persona and focus completely on football if he’s not near the circle of peers who comprised his college-era partying crowd. His family is said to be in favor of anywhere but Houston, but I’d have to think Dallas would pose the same set of complications in their view.

Manziel isn’t crazy about the idea of possibly playing in Jacksonville for the Jaguars.

I’ve also heard that Manziel himself isn’t wild about the idea of landing in Jacksonville, one of the NFL’s smaller markets, and that the Jaguars would not be his first choice of employers. It’s not a preference based on people, only location. But Manziel doesn’t get to choose his new workplace address, and quarterback-needy Jacksonville remains very much a possibility as his ultimate destination. There was a Houston Chronicle report on Wednesday morning that had momentum building for the Manziel-Jaguars marriage to unfold Thursday night.


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