Report: Jets will likely hold on to Tebow through the draft

According to Rich Cimini of, quarterback Tim Tebow is expected to remain on the New York Jets’ roster through the NFL draft.

The funny thing is that the Jets are still looking for a trade partner for Tebow. But the odds of that look very slim right now.  I would honestly be shocked if Tebow is in the NFL in 2013.

At the end of the day, I think the only way Tebow stays in the NFL is if he changes positions.



  • mike

    Man, it’s people like you that write this crap that is giving one of the most popular NFL Stars a bad rap…. I’m a huge Bronco fan… and Manning has always been my Fantasy Football QB this past decade – I have had him on all my teams, so you’d think I would be very happy to have him replace Tebow at QB…. Look, Manning is a Hall of Famer and I’m glad the Broncos got him, but what Elway did to Tebow is Bullsh-t. Tebow is a DAMN GREAT QB, and if Elway would of kept him here, we would of been in the Superbowl last year…. WHAT??? Denver missed the playoffs because our starting RB got hurt and couldn’t play, our back up is not a pounding RB…. If Tebow was on the Team last year – Baltimore doesn’t make the Superbowl….. Here is the other thing you TEBOW HATER should think about…. Tebow won a playoff game against the Defending AFC CHAMPS…. Manning did not win a playoff…. SO SHUT UP ABOUT TEBOW NOT PLAYING CAUSE YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT… I seen ALL THE GAMES Tebow played with the Broncos…. I watched the sorry Jets put Tebow in only to run the ball….. the Jets don’t know how to use Tebow, Rex and Sanchez BOTH SHOULD OF BEEN RELEASED….and you have the nerve to say Tebow won’t be in the NFL IN 2013??? STICK IT!