Report: Jets owner Woody Johnson upset about all of the “leaks”

According to Mike Freeman of CBS Sports, New York Jets owner Woody Johnson isn’t happy with all the “leaks” within his organization.

Johnson, these sources explained, isn’t just unhappy with the Jets’ dismal season. He’s unhappy with what he views as a franchise that can’t keep its business behind closed doors.

It’s possible general manager Mike Tannenbaum will be fired on Monday but what league officials are wondering is if Johnson’s unhappiness with how the team is run will stop there.

Indeed, this season, or rarely any other, has a team’s internal doings been so freely broadcast. From Rex Ryan’s future plans in television should he be fired to Tim Tebow’s refusal to run the Wildcat to any other number of stories. It’s no wonder the passing of bowels was not leaked.

It was actually an amazing thing to witness. There has maybe been no team, ever, in which any number of people leaked various intensions due to varying agendas publicly. Look at al of the top franchises in football. The Patriots, Packers, Giants—there are leaks but few. The best teams have managers and coaches in place who are able to unify a franchise and keep most of the players, coaches and front office personnel on message.

Whether Johnson likes it or not, a house cleaning is necessary, the Jets are a complete dumpster fire right now.




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    Who ever wrote this garbage has no clue. This sort of thing happens all the time and you just have to move on and forget about anything from the past. We need to fire some of our people but to clean house is just stupid. Re-structure a few contracts that Mr. T over payed on some of the player salaries and make some pick ups here and there and we will be ok.

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