Report: Jeff Ireland’s job could be in jeopardy in Miami

According to Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald, Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland could be out of a job at the end of the season if his team continues to play the way they did today.

Owner Stephen Ross must decide whether Jeff Ireland is the right man long-term for the franchise’s most important position, aside from quarterback.

Ross made clear he expects a winning team in 2012, though some of Ireland’s moves suggest he’s far more concerned with 2013 than 2012. A friend of Ross believes Ireland will be in serious trouble if the Dolphins bomb. He insists Ross does not have “blind faith” in his general manager.

Another close business associate of Ross said Ireland probably would not survive a 5-11 season but cautioned there could be scenarios in which the Dolphins have a losing record but Ross still keeps Ireland.

Such as: If Tannehill plays very well; or if Joe Philbin convinces Ross that he and Ireland work well together and have this franchise on the right track, with the prospect of huge 2013 cap space ($60 million) and two second-round picks.

“Steve really likes Jeff personally and gives him the benefit of the doubt,” that associate said. But now that Ross has a coach in whom he has far more faith than Tony Sparano, he presumably will begin to question Ireland if Miami isn’t a playoff contender – which is Ross’ expectation.

A lot of people were shocked that Ireland kept his job after last season.  It looks like he’s on the hot seat and if his team doesn’t show any type of promise for the future, he’ll likely be gone.

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