Report: Jeff Ireland, Joe Philbin could get fired after late season collapse

According to Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald,  it’s starting to sound like Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin and general manager Jeff Ireland could end up losing their jobs after their late season collapse.

  • Anonymous

    need to get fire all Ireland and the scare , not good Head Coach Philbin, all losers

  • Profezzor

    My love for the Dolphins was rekindled a couple of years ago. I even went out and bought hundreds of dollars in clothes and merchandise to support the franchise early this year… To me it really doesn’t seem like Philbin really has his heart into this team, based on the decisions he’s made, and the erratic win/lose streak. All the cards pointed to the Fins winning against the Bills, and the Jets, but here we are… I’m sorry, but I agree that new management is definitely something the owner should strongly consider.

  • Big J

    If anyone has any doubts that the entire coaching staff and front office in Miami need to be replaced, the last two weeks should be a stark wake up call. With everything on the line, the Dolphins played two teams that had nothing to play for except pride, with both sub 500 teams starting rookie QB’s.

    The Dolphins were thoroughly outplayed by both teams. We gave up 7 sacks in a shut out against BUF, and could only muster 7 points at home against the Jets.

    Here is something to think about- if each team switched coaches and played again, does anyone think that Philbin et al would win one of the games? Of course not.

    That’s the point- there is too much talent on this team to lose to the Bills, Jets, and Bucs. 1) We were at home against the Jets 2) Win and we’re in the playoffs 3) Jets had already been eliminated 4) We knew the Jets would run the ball (especially at the end) and we were powerless to stop them 5) Maybe I missed it, but we didn’t get a single sack in the game

    Einstein once said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

    Jeff Ireland blows big money on mediocre free agents- Smiley, Grove, Ellerbe, Wheeler.

    We sign free agents who are mediocre for us, but then have big years once they leave- Brandon Marshall, Dansby, Burnette, Bush, etc.

    We hire long time “O-Line coaches” with no head coaching experience- Philbin and Sparano.

    Folks, we have too much talent to be this bad. We beat some playoff teams this year- Indy, Cincy, NE, and should have beat Carolina and Baltimore. We got beat badly by one really good team (NO) and lost 4 games to pathetic teams. We are not a well coached team, and Philbin’s loyalty to Sherman is his achilles heel. In any other industry, it’s called “cronyism”, but in the NFL, it’s loyalty and “comfortable”.

    We could go on and on about Ireland and how this year’s top 4 draft picks could barely step foot on the field. How many years have we talked about cutting John Jerry?

    Enough is enough. I would gladly trade today’s loss for a total house cleaning. Mr. Ross- you will have never a successful head coach as long as you keep any of these half steppers around. Firing Ireland is the first step in landing a Cowher…..

  • 1972dolphins

    the gm and oc both need to be fired!!I like coach Philbin.When your 1st round picks barely plays after you trade up for him and both cbs arent starters you need to lose your job simple as that.I would have stayed where we were and drafted DJ Fulker ot from Alabama.He will be a 10+year starter!!! I would have also traded for brandon Albert ot from kc.This next draft we must draft Carlos Hyde rb from Ohio St.This will solve several problems we will score tds instead of fgs he is a good pass blocker and can run without blocking.Brent Grimes must b 1st priority to resign.