Report: Jason Garrett could be fired if the Cowboys miss the playoffs

jason garrett

According to Michael Silver and Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network,  if the Dallas Cowboys fail to reach the playoffs this season,  head coach Jason Garrett could be out of a job, even though owner Jerry Jones earlier in the season stated that Garrett would be back in 2014.

Although ownership has given Garrett a vote of confidence regardless of the season’s outcome, that sentiment appears to have changed after the younger Jones referred to Sunday’s loss as one of the top-five most “brutal moments” in the 25 years he and his father have run the Cowboys.

Several people inside the Cowboys building have told Rapoport that nobody believes Jerry’s pledge to keep Garrett on board. In fact, the consensus is that it’s now “playoffs or bust” for Garrett’s livelihood in Dallas.

The front office changed defensive coordinators and playcallers after the last two 8-8 seasons. If there’s a third, Garrett is expected to be the “next domino to fall,” per Silver.



  1. Anonymous says

    Like I say in Romo, that he will never take the cowboy to a play off game. Jerry when are when are you going be open your eyes. no matter the out come will by stand the boys forever..

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