Report: Jairus Byrd expected to hold out

jairus byrd

According to ESPN’s John Clayton,  safety Jairus Byrd isn’t optimistic that he’ll get the long-term stability from the Buffalo Bills that he’s looking for and he might end up holding out from training camp.

I’m still trying to figure out why the Bills are so reluctant to sign Byrd to a long-term extension.  They have over $18 million in cap room and he’s  one of their best defenders.



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    I don’t get it, either?? Do they think the best Safety in the league isn’t worthy of being paid as the best? It makes no sense, if Ralph was still in charge, then maybe, but Ralph in the end paid his players well. Is Byrd being set up as an example to the rest of the team? I just don’t see or understand why he hasn’t been offered and paid what Byrd wants. Russ and the rest of the money guys, SIGN BYRD, GIVE HIM WHAT HE DESERVES!! GO BILLS!!

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