Report: Hakeem Nicks skipped OTA’s because he wants a new contract

We reported earlier today that New York Giants wide receiver Hakeem Nicks didn’t show for the start of OTA’s.

According to Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports, Nicks decided not to show up because he’s unhappy about his contract and wanted to send the Giants a message.

As if the New York Giants and Victor Cruz weren’t involved in enough of a stare down, fellow wide receiver Hakeem Nicks sent the team a little message by not showing up for practice Wednesday.


Pay day is coming soon for Nicks, too.


That was the unstated goal of Nicks’ not attending the Giants’ organized team activity practice, a source indicated Wednesday. Strictly speaking, Nicks didn’t violate any rules. OTAs are, after all, voluntary. However, in the lexicon of NFL, voluntary is a synonym for mandatory.

Unlike Cruz, Nicks is currently under contract.  If he holds out, he can be fined by the Giants.  Since OTA’s a voluntary he cannot and will not be fined.  I can’t imagine Nicks holding out through mini-camp and training camp.  It looks like he’s just sending a small message to his employer.



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