Report: Giants wonder whether Eli Manning is declining

eli manningAccording to Dan Graziano of,  some people within the New York Giants organization are worried that Eli Manning could be declining at the age of 33.

There are those who wonder whether Manning is a player in decline at age 33. This is a question that has not gone unasked within the ranks of the Giants’ front office. It is part of the reason the Giants decided not to try this offseason to extend Manning’s contract, which runs through 2015, even though doing so would have offered them significant salary cap relief. They would like to see him pull out of his downward trend before they commit to his late 30s. Their hope is that he has a big year and that extending him next offseason makes sense.

Eli could be declining, or his awful 2013 season could have been due to the fact that his offensive line couldn’t keep him upright for the first time in his career and he didn’t have a strong running game to help their passing offense.


  1. Joseph Bulger says

    Who knows… but it’s right of them to ask the question. It’s all about risk mitigation… the Giants are bigger than any player, including Eli. If he isn’t, and 2014 is a great year for him behind rejuvenated blocking and pass protection, then JR’s trade up to get Nassib may have been better spent on two other players. But if he’s trailing off, and the opportunity presents itself, then Nassib could be a good pick… learns the offense, bides his time, and when the opportunity presents itself, get in there and work it. No… can’t happen. Really? Look, nobody thought Drew Bledsoe was done when a young skinny 6th round pick went in there and threw for just 168 yards against Payton, who tossed 2 pick 6s… the D rallied around Brady, and 5 months later the Pats behind Brady stunned the heavily favored Rams in Super Bowl XXXVI. The Patriots D stepped up and rallied behind the kid, took pressure off of Brady… who’s to say this rejuvenated Giants D isn’t poised to do something similar? It’s the stuff legends are made of. Is Eli done? Hell no. Was Bledsoe doen? Hell no… well, he was.

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