Report: Giants have spoken with Jon Beason about a long-term contract

According to Dan Graziano of,  the Giants and linebacker Jon Beason have talked about getting a long-term deal done.

Linebacker Jon Beason is a player they’d like to bring back and with whom they’ve discussed a long-term deal. The franchise-tag salary for linebackers is likely to be more than $10 million, though, so they’d have to feel confident about their chances of signing Beason long-term (they’d have until July 15 to do so) if they were to risk paying him that much on a one-year deal.

Beason has to be a priority for the Giants as long as they are confident his knee will hold up.  Hew was a difference-maker for their defense in 2013.


  • Keith

    The Giants CANT AFFORD to Franchise Tag anyone with exception of a Kicker or Punter…
    Beason played great last year and hopefully Jerry R is willing to pay him since he never drafts LB’s. I wouldn’t be shocked if he tested the market NY needs 3 starters on the O-line and help at CB they can’t afford to pay a player to much or guarantee to much money to someone with injury concerns.

    I would love to see him stay we haven’t had that hole filled since 2009.