Report: Giants haven’t closed the door on trading Hakeem Nicks

hakeem nicks

According to Dan Graziano of,  the Giants haven’t closed the door on possibly trading wide receiver Hakeem Nicks before the deadline.

The Giants haven’t closed the door on trading Nicks, but they’re not eager or likely to do it because they haven’t given up on either their season or the idea of keeping Nicks long term. Manning loves him. The coaching staff loves him. Cruz loves him. He’s been a champion and a star and a hard worker, and he’s the kind of guy the Giants would like to have in their long-term plans.

One reason the Giants could decide to move on from Nicks is because he doesn’t look like the player he was earlier in his career.

 Nicks’ reputation is one thing, and it’s well earned. But right now he doesn’t look like the player he used to be. The drops are one thing, but the bigger concern is that he can’t get any separation at all from defenders, and it appears to be because his legs are shot from all of the injuries of the past couple of years. Do the legs come back? Hard to say. He’s only 25 years old, so he’s not done by any means. But the way he’s playing right now makes it difficult to have success or to make big plays. He has to out-fight defenders constantly if he’s to succeed, because he’s not able to get open. He’s strong enough and a good enough technician to win those fights, but that’s no way to make a living. And it’s certainly no way to convince your team to give you a big contract or some other team to trade a high draft pick for you.

If Nicks doesn’t elevate his performance as the season goes on,  he may have to settle for less money as he free agent than he was hoping for and even possibly re-sign with the Giants.


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