Report: Franchised players not happy with Drew Brees

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While six out of the 21 franchised NFL players remained unsigned as we get closer to training camp, one player that certainly hasn’t gained much support amongst his peers, is Saints quarterback Drew Brees.

With the NFLPA sending a letter to the NFL stating that they believe the Saints haven’t been bargaining in good faith and that Brees may be a victim of his stance during last year’s lockout, some players and agents believe he has a “favored nation” status within the union.

“Nothing against Drew, but he’s kind of become (the union’s) fair-haired boy,” said one franchised player per the Sports Xchange.  The player also said that Brees is “like some kind of a Messiah or something.”

Players shouldn’t be mad at Brees, since he didn’t have anything to do with the union’s letter to the league, but it would be nice if they were represented in the same manner.


  1. Shelly says

    Well, if, you know, they decided to try and stand up to the NFL about whether or not they should be getting more money as franchised players, maybe the NFLPA would be backing them too. You can’t just sit on your butt and expect things to happen for you. Brees has been the busiest franchised player out there, and he hasn’t even started football yet. He’s fighting for you, you lazy whiners, so put up or shut up.

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