Report: Forensic evidence places vehicle driven by Aaron Hernandez at crime scene

It looks like the evidence keeps mounting against Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez that he may have been involved in a homicide.

According to Ted Daniel of FOX 25 in Boston, Hernandez was the driver of a vehicle that the victim Odin Lloyd and two other people were in and there’s evidence that places him at the crime scene.

Hernandez is of course innocent until proven guilty, but all of this doesn’t sound very good for him.

Update: According to FOX 25, Hernandez is directly linked to the homicide.

A law enforcement official tells FOX 25 Hernandez appears to be directly tied to the homicide which is why authorities executed a search warrant at his home Tuesday night. According to the same source, Hernandez, Lloyd, and two other men were at a bar in Boston the night of the homicide, and at some point, the four men left together in a car driven by Hernandez which was confirmed by a text Lloyd sent another friend, the source says.


It is unclear where the car went or what happened during the ride, but according to the source only three men returned to Hernandez’s home at the end of the night and Lloyd was not one of them.