Report: Eagles thinking about cutting Riley Cooper

Philadelphia Eagles 2011 Headshots

According to Mike Freeman, the Philadelphia Eagles are thinking about cutting wide receiver Riley Cooper after a video surfaced on Wednesday of him saying a racial slur.

If the Eagles want to do whats best for their team , they’ll release Cooper.



  1. says

    First thing I’m going to say is that while Riley OBVIOUSLY did the wrong thing while at a concert, there seems to be a double standard here.

    That word needs to go away period and not be acceptable to be used period, there is no acceptable way to use a a slur whether you are the person of that race or not it needs to stop.

    My concern is while Riley brought this frenzy on himself, I’m concerned about how his team mates are addressing this. Riley faced them in the locker room and owned it. Right to their faces and apologized. Can you imagine how hard that was or would be to do?

    He was basically told that they supported him and they accepted his apology however, once that ended; some of his team mates not wanting to be named are making waves incognito and trying to get him kicked off the team.

    That is fine if you feel that is the punishment that needs to be handed out but….say that to the guys face. Don’t tell him Im disappointed but we’re be good and the go behind the scenes to take the guys career. Give him the same respect he gave you and tell him to his face I don’t want you on my team im sorry but that’s unacceptable and then go to the coach and tell him you can’t play with this guy. Don’t start making comments behind the wall of anonymity and do it that way.

  2. Jack says

    While what he said was wrong, he owned it. To say he won’t play another down in the NFL is stupid. Anybody heard of Vick? Ray Lewis? shall I go on. Personally, there is too much hype about a freak’n word. Offensive? sure it is. I guess if he said he wanted to fight all the Niggaz he’d be OK as that is a term of endearment. Lighten up world.

  3. SwoopJoAzz says

    Who is Paul Jackiewicz and how can he spill his pee brain and make the claim that “if the Eagles want to do what’s best for the team, they’ll release Cooper.” First off, whatever happen to “sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me.” Who seriously got hurt by his comments, outside of himself? No one single individual. Shady McCoy may have “lost a friend” in his own eyes, but how deep is a friendship that can’t endure some harsh (and foolish) terminology? Perhaps the NFL should fine Daniel Snider ever time he uses the word “Redskin” in a sentence. Yes, if you step away from all of the hype and take a deep breath, that’s how ridiculous our society has come. Sorry Shady, Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson, but the race card is getting OLD. Jackiewicz, you’re a moron- plain and simple.

  4. Anonymous says

    This crap in using the “er” at the end of the bad word and ” as” at the end is real bs. All the guy did was curse at a guard, he didnt mean to go starting up slavery again i’m sure. My friends use the” as” on the word to each other when hitting a soft ball good or making a great play, but when there mad at each other they use the ” er”. Thats what we do when were mad, we curse.This is all “race staying alive” crap. Stop keeping it all alive. No one is not getting a job because of race or having there civil rights denied.and if its happened then use the law, thats what its for.If you dont like what someone says then punch them in the nose if you think you need to.Words??? tuff move on grow up. Do i think something really bad if im called a” MF”?no of course not cause its said as a curse oops”cuss” pardon me.

  5. says

    Look im getting sick of the hype about this riley cooper stuff he didnt kill nobody and didnt hit any body when he was drunk i am an african american male and i have friends sometimes that get drunk and say the word not thinking do they mean it no i know them for thirteen years and i dont think they were trying to hurt me using that word and i dont think he was at the right state of mind if he said it sober it would of been a diff story but geez stop sweating this thing your blowing it out of control and if they get rid of riley who would be his replacement no one really good we gotta think about the super bowl not a freakin mistake he appoligize hes going to counsling now leave him be talk more about hernadez

  6. says

    Does anybody remember when linebacker Bill Romanowski tackled 49er wide out J.J. Stokes and spit a H-U-G-E lugie all over the guy’s face?
    Trouble markers wanted it to be a sign than B.R. (white linebacker) didn’t like JJ S and black wide-out.
    Romanowski finally sat down with the team and addressed the black team members that it was stupid to spit on the guy that’s #1 and #2 it wasn’t because of his race.
    The broncos came together and had a great season.

    Riley Cooper was DRUNK he was talking & acting “BIG” with the n-word and kicking their asses etc.
    Is there anyone out there who hasn’t uttered some b.s. statement while under the influence of alcohol??
    In criminal cases, sometimes the defendant will speak ‘a spontaneous utterance’.
    I believe that’s what Cooper did.
    It just popped out there while drunk and uninhibited.
    Once it’s out, you can’t take it back.

    ALL you can do is ask for forgiveness.

    As I said, he didn’t call any of his team mates the n-word; he didn’t call any body he knows a n-word. Just put it out there that he was going to jump the fence and kick all those n-word asses. NONSENSE.

    Guys, if you want the n-word at it’s extreme, put on one of your gangsta-rap / hip hop c.d.’s B-word N-word (so I’ve heard, I don’t
    listen to rap–just golden oldies)
    So why is it OK to say n-word to the beat of a drum???
    = music = art = 1st amendment freedom of speech??

    Why does Eminem get a ‘pass’??
    Go watch “BLAZING SADDLES”, the uncut original version. Then ask yourself: “Mel Brooks, a Jew, wrote this script; Is he a racist?”
    They use n-word as many times in that movie and
    “South Park, the Movie” uses the F-word.

    Come together as a team; put this behind you way behind you.
    Let’s have a good season no a great season.

    Riley Cooper’s outburst was ‘jack’ in view of the other items
    I mentioned above.

  7. PaulW says

    About 10 years ago, approximately, Kerry Collins called one of his teammates the N-word during practice. Can’t remember how that was handled, I think Collins remained on the team, can’t remember if it was Carolina or the Giants at the time. It may have been Carolina, a team which he moved on from later, but I don’t think it was because of that. Bottom line, the Eagles will have to gauge how much this will hurt the team Morale in respect to Cooper’s value to the team. Cooper is a young improving player and does not deserve to lose his way of making a living. But Collins, Lewis, and Romanowski stayed on their teams after their transgressions because thay had significantly more value to the team. All three were Pro Bowlers at times in their careers. That’s the business part of it. Which is the entire part of it. I agree with the comments regarding the double standard for that particular racial slur. It’s absurd. Haven’t seen the video, but it sounds like Cooper used it in a particularly ugly way. the team will have to take a look at whether that could hurt them down the line. Simply business.

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