Report: Eagles prioritizing Jeremy Maclin over Riley Cooper

According to Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inqurier, the Eagles are prioritizing re-signing wide receiver Jeremy Maclin over Riley Cooper.

The Eagles have prioritized retaining Jeremy Maclin before Riley Cooper as the wide receivers near free agency, according to NFL sources.

If all goes to plan, the Eagles will sign Maclin to a one-year contract and attempt to acquire another starting-caliber receiver via free agency. Cooper remains on the radar, and the Eagles could circle back if they don’t land another target, but securing Maclin will take precedence.

What’s really interesting is that Maclin is already drawing interest from other teams.

There is a market for the 25-year-old Maclin despite the fact that he suffered a season-ending knee injury last July. But he will likely have to accept a prove-your-healthy one-year deal, something he has said he had come to terms with.




  1. says

    the Eagles remain in a “F’d up situation” if you ask me which you are not. they also paid #7 lots of bucks to remain and note what they got. Cooper has been a good blocker for them and an OK guy for Foles to go to.
    But why would you keep him? yeah right??? may as well keep #7 “el crappo” too

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