Report: Eagles open to trading Brandon Graham for the right price

According to, the Eagle are open to trading defensive end/linebacker Brandon Graham for the right price.

It does not appear Brandon Graham is the answer. As we’ve discussed previously, the Eagles recognize at this point that he is best suited for a 4-3 and are open to moving him if the price is right.

I would love to know what the Eagles want in exchange for Graham.  He’s an unproven player that is taking up a roster spot on their team since he can’t play linebacker and he isn’t a 3-4 defensive end.


  1. hotrod71 says

    Graham has been very effective when 100% healthy and given a chance to play. I think he’s a double digit sack guy as a starting 4-3 DE. He’s also still young. IMO a 3-4th round pick sounds reasonable. Vinny Curry is another guy that has the talent to be e very good starting DE in a 4-3. He’s bulked up and moved inside but he’s better suited for the 4-3. Right now the eagles are trying to trade for Jordan, trying to convert Cole to an OLB and trying to bulk up Logan so they have a NT when the answer is right in front of their nose. Switch back to the 4-3! You already have the personnel, most of whom are young. Stop trying to fit square pegs in a round hole. You’re not gonna get back in trade what you invested in Graham and Curry. Use their talents!

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