Report: Dwayne Bowe expected to not miss any regular season games

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According to Jim Trotter of, Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Dwayne Bowe is expected to not miss any regular season games.

“I’m told, however, there is virtually no chance that Bowe will pass up game checks that amount to $559,000 a week. He skipped offseason workouts while hoping to land a multi-year deal, so he could be behind when he finally reports. The Chiefs have a new offensive coordinator and new playbook; how long that will take him to get up to speed — and how severely his absence might limit his effectiveness — are questions no one can answer,’ wrote Trotter.

The same reason Bowe is expected to show up for the regular season, is the reason why Maurice Jones-Drew and Mike Wallace will also show up.  They all can’t afford to miss out on game checks.

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