Report: Dolphins will attempt to make an impact in free agency

According to Armando Salguero of The Miami Herald, the Dolphins plan on trying to make a big impact in free agency this offseason.

I am told by team sources the Dolphins have every intention of making an impact in free agency if the opportunity is there. But I am also told the Dolphins will be careful not to overvalue players who aren’t truly stars.

The Dolphins promise they will be involved in chasing star players as long as those star players are actually available. Unfortunately, there is no certainty of that.

While most fans believe Miami can awaken its comatose offense by simply signing free agents Mike Wallace and Greg Jennings this offseason, they overlook the possibility that players of that caliber might be staying with their current teams.

I think the Dolphins’ 7-9 record for this season wasn’t as bad as it could have been.  They clearly need to give quarterback Ryan Tannehill more weapons and upgrade some other areas of their roster as well.