Report: Dolphins’ players don’t believe the coaches care for Mike Wallace

mike wallace 4It sounds like the Miami Dolphins’ coaches may not be very fond of wide receiver Mike Wallace,  according to the Miami Herald.

Several Dolphins have wondered among themselves why Miami has been looking so closely at first- and second-round receivers, and their suspicion is that the Dolphins want to replace Mike Wallace in a year or so. Several players believe some of these coaches aren’t big fans of Wallace, and “Joe Philbin is running that place,” one prominent agent said.

But Wallace will have a big cap hit whether he’s here or not in 2015. If Wallace is on the team in 2015, his cap hit would be $12.1 million. If he’s cut, it would be $9.6 million. If he’s traded, it would be $6.6 million.

The Dolphins essentially stuck with Wallace because of his cap number.  They better make the best of things for now.