Report: Dolphins don’t plan on trading Mike Pouncey

We mentioned on Sunday that the NFL will likely suspend Dolphins center Moike Pouncey for his involvement in harassing Jonathan Martin.

According to Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald,  the Dolphins don’t plan on trading Pouncey in light of Ted Wells’ report.

The Dolphins at this moment do not intend to trade him. So let’s get that rumor cleared up right now. He is a good player at a key position. He isn’t on the market today. But is he in trouble? Heck yes. He was Incognito’s running mate, his wingman so to speak. His texts about his attitude toward Martin are eye-opening to anyone who believes Martin might be able to return to the Dolphins locker room. He similarly engaged in mocking the assistant trainer. And in several parts, Wells writes, he either gives no credit to what Pouncey was telling or questions Pouncey’s truthfulness. That’s a problem for Pouncey. He could easily be looking at an NFL suspension of some length. Remember a few months ago when Pouncey said this whole thing was a media fabrication?

Let’s face it,  the Dolphins don’t have any reason to trade Pouncey.  He’s clearly not perfect, but no one is.