Report: DeSean Jackson was taking snaps with second and third team

Philadelphia Eagles’ receiver DeSean Jackson never thought he would be fighting for a starting role.

In an interview with Birds 24/7, Jackson shared that new head coach Chip Kelly had him taking snaps with the second team and even the third team during practice early on.

Jackson on the reason for the early demotion.

He just expects everyone to do things a certain way. He was asking everybody to do the same thing. For myself, I just had to really hear it from his mouth to get that rapport with him and be on the same page with him. When I went in there, he said he expects everybody to buy into the system and do everything the right way,” said Jackson.  ”And if there is any little thing a player doesn’t want to do, that’s his way of reacting to it. The best thing I did was go talk to him instead of just sitting back and being mad.

Sounds like he was demoted temporarily for being lazy. This year Jackson will have the motivation to succeed. The way his contract was written, which gives him $10 million next year, it makes the upcoming season virtually a contract year.

It is simple for the Eagles. If Jackson doesn’t perform like a $10 million receiver, they can just cut him next year or at the very least ask him to take a pay cut. With that price tag, that is something they will most likely do, unless Jackson can blow them away this year.




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    Hey, CHIP KELLY: Give Tim Tebow a try. He is strong and hard runner and tough to tackle and AND he doesn’t have the attitude problem DeSean Jackson seems to have.
    GO Eagles. Go Tebow.

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