Report: No decision on Leslie Frazier’s future yet

According to Mike Florio of,  the Vikings haven’t decided whether they’re going to fire Leslie Frazier yet.

While the speculation in Minnesota points to a coaching change, a source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT that no decision has been made regarding the future of third-year head coach Leslie Frazier.

The Vikings need to get Frazier a competent quarterback,  then judge him.  He’s more then capable to helping them become a Super Bowl contender if he has the right players.


  • Bill Billingsworth

    oh wait, stop me if you’ve heard this “Vikings need a quality QB” whut did you pay Josh Freeman for? What’s he up to now, $3 Million /.year to sit on the bench? f 7(k that. Try TEBOW, please. His run and shoot and ground and pound along with A.P. and Toby Gerhart killer offense.God dammit are you NFL head coaches that BLIND and STUPID. Here’s a QB college passing record holder, rushing holder, touchdowns holder but NOBODY wants him cuz he might say “Praise the LORD’ or something.
    Vikings you deserve to lose.

  • Ally

    The Vikings have three decent QB’s (not great but decent and can win games). What the Vikings really need is a good defense. Both Ponder and Cassel have gotten the team in position to win games with a minute to go but the defense falls apart and hands the other team the game. Our offense is something like 8th in scoring which should be plenty enough to win – if our defense was good. Keep the current QB lineup (maybe get rid of Freeman and draft a QB in the later rounds) and let them fight it out in training camp for the starting job and work on defense in the draft and FA. As for Frazier, I like him and wouldn’t mind if they kept him around, however, I also wouldn’t be sad if they got rid of him depending on who they hire to replace him.

  • Anonymous

    As Mohamed Ali would say “Down Goes Frazier” . I’d like to see Jon Gruden or Lovie Smith, both are proven coaches.

  • Anonymous

    Vikings need to move in another direction as far as coaching is concerned both offensive and defensive.