Report: Cowboys not willing to trade Miles Austin

Despite a report earlier from Michael Schottey of Bleacher Report,  the Cowboys aren’t willing to trade wide receiver Miles Austin, according to Mark O’Hara.

Dallas source says rule out Miles Austin as possible WR for Lions. Cowboys all in to win weak NFC Least, with Wash., Philly. Giants in tank.

This is exactly what I thought.  It would make zero sense for Dallas to get rid of Austin.  They don’t have another viable second option at receiver.



  • Jeffrey Williams

    Everybody is for sale if the price is right. Austin will not be in Dallas next year and if the Cowboys can get Roy Williams type offer then he should be in a Lions uniform next week. Austin is not a good “second option” as he is often hurt, and, Dallas has enough weapons without him. It is about time one of the other receivers steps up, just like two years ago.