Report: Cowboys may hire offensive coordinator to call plays for Jason Garrett

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network (via, the Dallas Cowboys don’t plan on making any coaching changes in the offseason, but could decide to bring in an offensive coordinator next season to call plays for Jason Garrett.

“TheCowboys intend to keep Jason Garrett, I have not heard this morning that that has changed,” Rapoport told NFL Network’s “Around the League” on Monday. “A better possibility is that the Cowboys could hire an offensive coordinator to call plays for Jason Garrett and allow him to be a walk-around coach and essentially just be the leader of men that they think he can be.”

I think Cowboys fans will be very happy if Garrett ends up handing over his play-calling duties in 2013.


  • Wags33

    Jason Garrett is NOT a Head Coach!!! Hiring an Offensive Coordinator to assist with running this apparent Circus will be of NO Significance to right the ship in Big-D… A Head Coach with the Power,,, Knowledge,,, Mind-set and Authority to oversee and manage Football operations is what the Boys of Texas need!,, Not a smoke and mirrors move to continue shoveling the BS that jerry and stephen have been presenting to the NFL and Cowboys Fans!… Heck,,, I’ll even go as far to question Garretts ability to be an offensive coordinator at this point!.. The Offense that Dallas had was “Bland” at best… Forget Felix Jones (a jerry jones pick) and the injuries suffered by the Cowboys at Running back and Wide Receiver and most importantly,,, the Offensive Line… Anyone showing up to training camp “out of shape” should be cut immediately!,,, it shows lack of commitment and determination to be the best and help the team succeed,,, (I’ll bet Jimmy Johnson would have cut Felix and made an early example that there’s only one way to prepare and function on this team,,, “Be Prepared and Do Your Job”… And Felix doesn’t seem to be on the same page…)… Fans should send a message that jerry PT Barnum Jones will understand,,, STOP Buying merchandise and filling his play ground,,, then he’ll have to take notice that he should simply remain on the “Business end” and NOT the Operations side of this Franchise!!!