Report: Colt McCoy told he’s in Chip Kelly’s plans, Brandon Weeden isn’t

With Chip Kelly on the verge of becoming the Cleveland Browns next head coach, CEO Joe Banner told back up quarterback Colt McCoy that “in the next head coach’s plans,” according to Tony Grossi of

It looks like rookie quarterback Brandon Weeden could be on the way out of Cleveland after being drafted late in the first round of last year’s draft.

According to Keith Britton of 92.3 The Fan Cleveland, Weeden won’t be the guy if Kelly is hired. Even though McCoy is an option, another name that was mentioned is Eagles quarterback Michael Vick.


  • Dan J

    Didn’t Weeden run a very fast paced offense at Oklahoma State? Forget Vick, he sucks and causes friction with other players, also old and injury proned!!

  • Anonymous

    The only person that should have been fird on December 30th is joe banner. How did this guy ever con his way into this position. Vick, Lombardi; give me a break. banner wouldn’t know a good QB if every one of them in the NFL were available.