Report: Colin Kaepernick looking for at least $18 million per year

colin kaepernickAccording to the Boston Globe,  49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick is looking for a contract that will pay him at least $18 million per season.

The 49ers and quarterback Colin Kaepernick began discussions on a new contract extension at the combine, and sources tell us that the three-year veteran wants a deal similar or slightly better than the ones given to Jay Cutler ($18.1 million per year, $38 million guarantee) and Tony Romo ($18 million per year, $40 million guarantee). While no one expects the 49ers to let Kaepernick go anywhere, we hear that if the 49ers don’t get in Kaepernick’s range, the quarterback would be willing to play the 2014 season at his base salary of $973,766 and postpone negotiations until next offseason instead of signing a below-market deal.

That would be a fair deal since while he’s won more playoff games then the players above,  he’s still not a better overall player.


  1. Dan Michael says

    Colin Is a very good quarterback, In time he will become a excellent Quarterback.
    Maybe he needs Joe to give him some lessons passing in the pocket.

  2. says

    If he wants to wait until next year then the niners should at least give him an incentive bonus of $5 million if he brings the team to the playoffs and another $5 million if they reach the Superbowl. That way Colin will feel like he is getting paid close to what he is worth!!!

  3. Anonymous says

    Say what you want about who’s more talented but Kaep doesn’t have to carry his team like Romo and Cutler do. We all know it’s the defense and Gore is what team is built on.

    Heck if you look at Alex Smiths passing AND rushing stats this season they are identical to Kaeps.

  4. Phil says

    His stats are almost identical to Alex Smith’s, passing AND rushing stats. $12 mil at most

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