Report: Chad Johnson arrested for domestic violence

AP Photo

According to Omar Kelly of the Florida Sun-Sentinel, Miami Dolphins wide receiver Chad Johnson was arrested for domestic violence.  Kelly is still awaiting the police report.

I hate to see Chad get in trouble with the law. This is very odd, since Johnson has never gotten in trouble with the law, that we know of.


“According to a source the incident took place in a vehicle.

“Johnson allegedly head-butted his new wife, Evelyn Lazado, during an argument.

“When cops came on the scene Lazado, a star in VH1’s Basketball Wive’s Reality series, had lacerations on her forehead, and Johnson was arrested.Since entering the NFL in 2001 Johnson, a Miami native who lives in Davie, had never been arrested. But he was arrested in college for a domestic dispute,” reported the Sun-Sentinel.



“Police said Johnson head-butted his wife, “Basketball Wives” star Evelyn Lozada, in the head during an argument while driving home from dinner. She was treated at the scene for a “pretty good-sized” laceration and later taken to the hospital, Cpt. Dale Engle told and NFL Network.

“Police said a “heated argument” started when Johnson found a receipt for condoms in the car.

“Johnson told police that he and his wife accidentally knocked heads.

“Johnson remains in custody and won’t be eligible for release until a bail hearing is set, which could be as late as Monday, Engle said,” reported.

Update: It looks like Evelyn found the condoms, we’ll have to wait until everything gets sorted out to find out the truth.

The complete updated story is right here.