Report: Carson Palmer would rather be a back up on a contender than stay in Oakland

According to Michael Silver of Yahoo! Sports, Carson Palmer would rather be a back up on a contender than take a pay cut to stay with the Oakland Raiders.

 The quarterback’s decision, according to three sources familiar with Palmer’s mindset, is based on a sense that Oakland’s prospects for success in 2013 are so bleak that money is no longer the predominant factor in his thought process.

Palmer’s rejection of the Raiders’ proposal could lead him to the Arizona Cardinals, who are in the market for a starting quarterback, or possibly put him on the path to becoming a backup for a contending team. Oakland, meanwhile, may respond to the player’s hardened stance by trading for Seattle Seahawks backup Matt Flynn or selecting West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith with the third overall pick in the draft.

It looks like Palmer wants to force his way out of Oakland.

“Carson isn’t 28, and he doesn’t know how much time he has left,” one source close to Palmer said Wednesday. “Does he want to be with a team that is clearly rebuilding and looks like it’s a long way away from contending, where he doesn’t have a whole lot around him?

“He’s gotten to play a lot in his career, but he hasn’t gotten to experience a lot of winning. At this point, I think being somewhere where they have a chance to win is the most important thing.”

Palmer isn’t getting any younger and I’m sure wants to win a Super Bowl, but I don’t think the Raiders are too far off from contending.  Now that Al Davis is gone, I think Oakland is on the right track.



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