Report: Cardinals unwilling to give up a lot for Carson Palmer

According to Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic, the Cardinals aren’t willing to give up much to acquire Raiders’ quarterback Carson Palmer.

According to sources, the Cardinals will make a deal for Palmer only if it doesn’t cost them much: late-round draft picks, possibly conditional on how, or if, Palmer plays.

It’s not going to be easy for the Cardinals to land Palmer.

Acquiring Palmer, 33, from the Raiders won’t be simple. The Raiders first have to consummate a trade with the Seahawks for quarterback Matt Flynn, and that requires Flynn re-working his contract.

If that deal is reached, then the Raiders presumably would try to trade Palmer before releasing him. That deal is more complicated that just agreeing with another team on Palmer’s worth.

Palmer is due to make $13 million in salary this season and reportedly balked when the Raiders asked him to take a pay cut. Any team trading for Palmer, including the Cardinals, will want him to take far less money, too.

Palmer could refuse and a proposed trade would be off. That would make sense from Palmer’s perspective. It would force the Raiders to release him and Palmer would then be free to pick his next employer. He probably would prefer a team that appears closer to making the playoffs than the Cardinals. (But playoff contenders aren’t usually in need of starting quarterbacks).

Palmer simply isn’t the same quarterback he was before tearing his ACL back in 2005.  But he would give the Cards their best shot at winning since they had Kurt Warner.

If I were the Cardinals, I would only be willing to give up a sixth round pick for Palmer.  The Raiders may as well accept any offer they get at this point since teams around the league know they’re going to end up releasing him anyway.




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