Report: Cardinals have some interest in Alex Smith

According to Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic, there are decision-makers within the Cardinals’ organization that like 49ers quarterback Alex Smith.

Somers doesn’t believe the Cardinals are willing to trade for Smith, but they’d certainly be interested if he ends up getting released.  The 49ers also may not be willing to trade Smith to Arizona since they’re in their division.

Does it make sense for the Cardinals to trade for Smith? There are decision-makers within the organization who like Smith. My guess is that if the 49ers release Smith, the Cardinals will show interest.

But would the Cardinals trade for him? I doubt it. They traded for Kevin Kolb less than two years ago, and I have a hard time seeing them pulling off another deal for a different quarterback now. A strong case can be made that Kolb, when healthy, is as talented as Smith. The problem, of course, is that Kolb has not been healthy much.

With the 2013 draft class not having any top-tier quarterback prospects, a team will likely be willing to trade for Smith.  This means the Cardinals chances of getting him aren’t in their favor right now.



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