Report: Bucs concerned with Mike Williams off the field activities

According to Pewter Report,  the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have grown concerned over Mike Williams’ off the field activity.

One particular Buccaneer’s postings on Instagram really concerned the team during this past football season, and nearly cost him his roster spot. Fresh off signing a six-year, $40.25-million contract extension in the summer of 2013, wide receiver Mike Williams was placed on injured reserve in Week 9 with a torn hamstring. Since his injury, Williams has documented his partying and his new career as a rapper – complete with original recorded songs – for all the public to see on his Instagram account.

Players can party all they want to – as long as it doesn’t get them in trouble with the law or interfere with their job. But the team grew so concerned with Williams’ behavior over the last two months of the season that it was deemed immature and unprofessional as he accumulated several fines totaling more than $200,000 for either being late to mandatory team meetings or missing those meetings and scheduled rehab days for his torn hamstring during the 2013 season.

Whether it’s at The Kennedy or Drynk, two well-known Tampa hot spots, or at his big, new house, Williams and his group of friends and rappers, known as the Cave Man Gang – or CMG, as their t-shirts, hats and hoodies proclaim – love the nightlife. Unfortunately for Williams, the team viewed his constant partying on Instagram as detrimental to his profession due to those missed meetings and rehab sessions.

I was quite surprised when the Bucs signed Williams to such a large amount of money.  I felt he still had a lot to prove and it now looks like some off the field issues are starting to creep up that Tampa couldn’t have known about until they paid him.