Report: Browns will listen to trade offers for Colt McCoy

According to the Cleveland Plain-Dealer, the Browns plan on listening to trade offers for quarterback Colt McCoy, but don’t plan on trading or releasing him right now.

McCoy might want to seek his release so that he can catch on with another team now that the Browns have signed quarterback Jason Campbell to a two-year deal.

The Browns would like to keep McCoy around to compete with Brandon Weeden and Campbell, but McCoy might want an opportunity to be higher than third on a team’s depth chart.

I’m not sure why the Browns would want to keep McCoy around any longer, he doesn’t fit there new offense that’s going to look to attack down the field.

McCoy has some value as a back up, but I can’t see him going for more then a fifth round pick.



  • marty

    Keeping Weedon is the mistake. He showed no improvement the whole season. He is a sissy OB, that he’s not qualified to be a leader. He can’t read defenses,can’t react fast in any given situation. He’s is a disgrace to the Browns.