Report: Browns players feel betrayed by Josh Gordon

We mentioned earlier that Josh Gordon told his Browns teammates last season that he wouldn’t get in trouble again.

That’s kind of backfired now since Gordon has landed in trouble more than once since then.  His teammates actually now feel betrayed,  per Mike Freeman of Bleacher Report.

They realize Gordon is sick. They want him to get better. They like him. But some of them, clearly, also now want nothing to do with him.

To be clear, the sense I get from those in that locker room is that players sympathize with Gordon—but feel he can no longer be on the team, because they don’t believe he will change his life. They hope Gordon does. They just aren’t sure he can.

Overall, there is a great feeling of betrayal.

While Freeman says Gordon is expected to play again in the NFL,  it sounds like it might not be with the Browns.