Report: Browns fired Rob Chudzinski so they could hire Josh McDaniels

According to,  people within the NFL believe the Cleveland Browns fired Rob Chudzinski because they really want Josh McDaniels and feel like they can get him.

The prevailing belief in league circles is that they definitely want Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels — and that they wouldn’t have fired Chudzinski unless they knew they could get McDaniels.

Of course the Browns are interviewing other candidates because they have to fulfill the Rooney Rule and they also need to make sure they have a plan B in case they don’t end up hiring McDaniels for some reason.



  • Anonymous

    Josh did a great job in Denver…and that owner known for stability got rid of him asap after he showed he wasn’t ready for the job. He displayed ineptness and drafted Tebow and we call knew he couldn’t play QB in the NFL…So he a perfect fit for the Browns to continue with light weight coaches that upper management can manipulate and blame for the next losing season.

  • Anonymous

    from one anonymous to another…
    You have the same “argument” as all the other haters…

    You all forget McD also drafted Thomas, Decker, 2 of Denver’s starting O-line, and a linebacker..are who are producing extremely well for the broncos. Add to that 5 others players from the 9 and 10 drafts who are on other nfl teams currently.
    Teblow was drafted with a second later 1st round pick….he drafted Thomas with their 1st pick.

    Denver fans hate him because of his removal of cutler and marshall ( who are both egotistical players who have never and will never win anything) They didn’t hate him for teblow…the fans of Denver Were begging for him! They demanded he he played too!

    To many people in Cleveland have revisionist history.

    MC D. had some issues in den, and he made some mistakes, he has said as much. I for one believe he has learned form them , and hes still looked at as one of the great young offensive minds around the league.

    Get over the I don’t like him because he’s Lombardi’s boy and I hate Lombardi because he said Bernie sucked. Is he the prefect candidate no…but your not getting gruden, dungey, cowher,, or any other “superbowl” coach so go with the young guy with promise and give him time to develop a team.

    • Anonymous

      You are forgetting his stint with the Rams following being released from Denver. He didn’t do well there either but both cases can be explained away by the lack of a future HOF Quarterback. Then again Belichick didn’t do well in Cleveland without a HOF QB either.

      The Belichick coaching tree hasn’t lived up to its reputation. Crennel flopped twice, Weis was run out of Notre Dame, McDaniels didn’t shine outside New England, and neither did Mangini.

      Belichick, Crennel, and Mangini all gave it a run in Cleveland, by all means keep hiring more New England products. It isn’t a sound theory. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results and we know what Einstein had to say about that.

  • mflegenheimer

    The team quit on Chudzisnzki. With 11 games remaining and a shot the playoffs, they quit . Chris Palmer had the same problem in 2000 and lost his job. Too many immature malingerers on this team more worried about saving their bodies figuring they would be back next year or made damn sure that they didn’t risk an injury thus reducing their market value so they could play for a team with real playoff chances. I am sure this became apparent when Richardson was traded and there was chaos at the QB position.
    The Browns need a talented SOB for a coach who will bench or release any player who is not 100% committed to the program. A coach like Nick Saban, Bill Bellicheck(round two) or a Bill Parcells type who won’t put up with quitting. Chudzisnzki lost the team and they deliberately threw in the towel. A coach has to keep his foot on their throats because that is the kind of leadership they understand. Maybe Chudzisnzki was just there to keep the seat warm for a stronger coach but Browns management better make sure the next guy means business. If you play for Dallas and “mail a season in” you are gone in January. There are too many thugs out on the field with clever agents representing them for a “players coach” to make It in today’s NFL. let’s give McDaniels a try. Let’s just hope he has the ruthless instinct to succeed