Report: Brian Price beat up Mark Barron during OTA’s

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According to Charlie Campbell of,  as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were getting together for an early morning meeting during OTA’s, defensive tackle Brian Price told rookie safety Mark Barron that he was sitting in his seat.  All of a sudden Price ended up punching Barron multiple times and left his face bloodied.  Both players were then taken out of the meeting.

The Buccaneers believe Price is a great locker room guy, but since the fight Price has been held out of most of the offseason program because of all the personal tragedy he’s been going through this offseason.

Per Walter Football the Bucs haven’t responded with any comments on the situation.



  1. Calron says

    Price needs to be cut or risk the chance of mentally losing the number 1 defensive back out of the draft!!! #rolltide

  2. Will says

    Give him all the time off that he needs. He is going through some really bad stuff and he needs time to relax and grieve properly.

  3. rick says

    The only good bully is a dead bully. It would be awesome if Barron came back the next day and popped a cap in Brian’s punk ass…

  4. Rob says

    Rick, you’re a dumbass…and the only good kind of dumbass, is a dead dumbass. You dumbass.
    Price overreacted, but the Bucs should be forcing him to take time off, after what has happened to his family these past few years. Barron just needs to steer clear of him for a bit and I’m sure Price will come around and apologize.

  5. wade says

    Just because you have problems at home dont give you the rite to hit someone he needs to pay some money to the team.

  6. Frederick says

    So the Buccaneers believe Price is a great locker room guy. Is this what a great locker
    room guy does? He punches someone because he is in his seat. I hope that he now
    owes the team a big fine and a big apology to Barron.

  7. Lee says

    You’re a rookie, you disrespect a veteran, you get your face bashed in…welcome to the NFL young Barron. It’s called “Hard Knocks” for a reason, and you just learned the hard way. Tomorrow, you get Mr. Price’s breakfast, eggs scrambled – like your face.

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