Brandon Jacobs will root for the 49ers

Brandon Jacobs, who’s gathered two of the most prestigious and coveted rings in the world with the New York Giants will not be eligible to add a third one to his jewelry box in February. Because two weeks from now, while the 49ers try to earn their sixth Super Bowl title for their franchise, Jacobs will be cheering for his former team at home.

By league rules, he remains on waivers through the rest of the playoffs, which means he can only watch his former teammates take on the Baltimore Ravens in Super Bowl XLVII.

“My emotions are I want the 49ers to win the game,” Jacobs told Mike Garafolo of the USA Today.

Whether or not Jacobs remains with the 49ers next year (which probably won’t happen) Jacobs should by then have learned to not chirp – nasty things on Twitter – or  snap – his anger on Instagram – without thinking twice.

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