Report: Arian Foster might undergo a heart procedure

According to Alex Flanagan of the NFL Network, Houston Texans running back Arian Foster told her he’ll likely have to undergo a heart procedure in a month.

The Pro-bowler is considering a heart ablation to fix the problem that forced him to leave the Texans week 16 match-up against the Vikings because of an irregular heartbeat.  Foster has been aware of the issue with his heart since he was around 12 years old and says over the years he’s had around 8 incidents where his heart has raced irregularly. This last one though, was the first time it had ever happened during a game.

Arian says the biggest side effect for him is shortness of breath. After experiencing that problem this season in a game he started discussing his options for fixing it with trainers and doctors.  That’s when he says he learned Hakeem Olajuwon suffered the same condition. The basketball player’s doctors were able to determine that Olajuwon’s trigger was drinking cold water.  Arian has been searching for his trigger and tells me he’s now thinking it might be related to stress.  It certainly hasn’t hurt his performance on the field as over the past 3 years he’s been one of, if not, the best running back in the NFL.

We certainly hope everything goes well with Foster.


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