Report: Alex Smith expected to ask the 49ers to be released

According to Mike Florio of via Evan Silva, quarterback Alex Smith is expected to ask the San Francisco 49ers to release him at the end of the season in order to have “maximum” options in the free agent market.

I don’t see why the 49ers wouldn’t want to grant Smith his wish.  They may want to try and trade him, but let’s face it, he likely isn’t worth much because teams around the league know they’re going to get rid of Smith and will wait for him to be released.


  • Michael Wright

    The Niners should have taken Rodgers in the first place. We
    won’t get anything for Alex anyway, give him his release. It’s
    Kaepernicking Time!

  • Hinrid

    Talk is that the Jets would like Alex and they are shopping Revis. Sounds like a trade made in heaven to me!