Report: Adrian Peterson’s son in critical condition at a South Dakota hospital

We mentioned yesterday that Vikings running back missed practice and was in South Dakota.

Now we know why.

According to TMZ,  Peterson’s 2-year-old son is in critical condition at a South Dakota hospital after he was severely beaten by a man dating the mother of his child.

When medical responders were called to the child’s home,  he was unresponsive after suffering what appeared to be head injuries.  It was determined at the hospital that he had been abused.

The good news is that 27-year-old Joseph Patterson has been arrested and charged with aggravated felony assault and battery of an infant.

As a father of two children,  I can’t imagine the emotions running through Peterson right now.

Update:  There have been conflicting reports as to whether the child in the hospital is Peterson’s.  It is according to Sean Jensen and


  1. Anonymous says

    will be praying for this little angel recovery and the boyfriend should get the hell beat out of him as for the mothershe should lose her eights to see the child she knew better .

  2. Anonymous says

    Beat that mother f@Coker until he stops breathing! Whether it’s Peterson’s son or not the guy who would beat a 2 year old to within an inch of his life needs to cease existing.

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