Report: Aaron Rodgers worried about not appearing tough enough

aaron rodgers

We mentioned earlier that Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers wasn’t even close to playing this week and that he’s still at a high risk of re-injuring his collarbone.

According to,  Rodgers is also worried about his image.  He doesn’t want to look like he’s not not tough enough to play through injuries the way Brett Favre did.

Upon ruling out Rodgers on Friday, Packers coach Mike McCarthy repeated several times during a short news conference that it was “an organizational decision.”

McCarthy used that term at the insistence of Rodgers, who wanted an emphasis placed on his toughness, according to sources. One driving force behind McCarthy’s message was Rodgers’ sensitivity that his injury absence would be compared to Brett Favre’s reputation for toughness, which created palpable tension between the coach and quarterback, a source told ESPN.

People need to realize that this is out of Rodgers’ hands and that everyone is made differently.  Favre could play through things Rodgers couldn’t and he probably even healed quicker as well.