Report: Aaron Rodgers, Clay Matthews’ contracts could get done soon

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, contract extensions for both Aaron Rodgers and Clay Mathews Jr. could get soon and there’s even a possibility that both players will be signed at the same time by the Packers.

It has been several weeks since numerous reports and one source said it’s possible both deals could be done soon. Basics of the Matthews deal were said to be agreed upon as early as February’s scouting combine, but Rodgers’ deal, which is expected to make him the highest-paid player in the league, was apparently more than a few crossed T’s from being done.

It is possible the two deals have been completed and the Packers were merely waiting until Rodgers and Matthews returned to town to sign them. More than a week ago, Rodgers’ camp sent out a message through a couple of national NFL writers that getting the deal done before the start of off-season workouts would be important to the quarterback.

The Packers are likely to announce both deals at once.