Report: 49ers wouldn’t stop Jim Harbaugh from leaving

jim harbaugh

Even though Jim Harbaugh isn’t interested in the University of Texas head coaching job,  if he was,  the 49ers wouldn’t stand in his way of leaving,  according to

Since 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh puts no stock in anything unnamed sources say, here’s an interesting tidbit from an unnamed source.

If Harbaugh wants to leave to become the head coach at the University of Texas, the 49ers wouldn’t stop him.

While Harbaugh privately, we’re told, has told the 49ers he has no interest in the Texas job, Harbaugh dodged questions about the vacancy on Thursday, saying instead that he “absolutely” wants to remain with the 49ers.

It sounds like while the 49ers want to give Harbaugh an extension,  they won’t do it out of fear that he’ll leave for another coaching gig.