Reggie Wayne arrives at training camp in a helicopter

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Colts wide receiver Reggie Wayne decided to arrive to training camp this year via helicopter and had a very good reason. has the story.

“I sat back and thought we got a pretty good team. I really think our team this year is better than last year,” Wayne said after landing.

“If we don’t hurt ourselves, the sky’s the limit for us. I really sat back and thought ‘sky’s the limit, sky’s the limit.’ Why not come in through the sky?”

Wayne was joined on the helicopter ride, which began at the Indiana Farm Bureau Football Center, by 20-year old IU Health patient Matthew Sercer.

In December, Sercer was a victim of a farming accident just west of Plainfield when his auger machine took off his right foot and nearly his entire left leg.

Fortunately for Sercer a hunter was in the area and saw his hat fly out of the auger. After a 911 call, help was on the way via IU Health.

“They life lined me out of there,” Sercer said on Saturday. “I would have been dead if it weren’t for them.”

Family and friends watched Sercer and Wayne descend on the south side of Anderson’s campus on Saturday afternoon with the two emerging from the helicopter with giant grins.

“It was fun with Reggie but the helicopter ride was a little scary,” Sercer said with a laugh.

A friend of Wayne’s brought Sercer to the receiver’s attention and with a little help from IU Health, the two were heading to Anderson to start the 2013 training camp.

“Guys like Matt, stories like Matt, they are the real heroes,” Wayne said. “It inspires you to go out there and do great and prove people wrong. A lot of people didn’t think Matt was going to be able to walk again and he’s out here moon-walking with me.”

In 2012, the Colts did their own (albeit on a much smaller scale) version of proving people wrong with an 11-5 regular season after some prognosticators had them penciled in at the bottom of the NFL.

Outside expectations have grown in 2013 but there’s still a question of where the Colts will get that extra drive.

Enter Wayne and Sercer to answer that question.

“We’ve set the bar so high but there’s still not a lot of buzz about us,” Wayne said. “We’ve got to prove people wrong. We’ve got to show them what we are made of. We’ve got to bite down through hard times and find a way to prevail.”

“Matt is truly an inspiration of that. I’m bringing him into camp with me, to show everybody else what we can do.”

Wayne is right the Colts do have a good team and should once again be a playoff contender this season.

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